Unite Kiddom's Flexible Technology With IM® v.360 Math Curriculum

High-quality, problem-based math curriculum powered by a dynamic digital solution.

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Experience IM® v.360, powered by Kiddom


📈 Bring IM® v.360 to your K-12 learning community. Ensure every child learns grade-level mathematics with engaging learning experiences and problem-based instruction.


🚀 Take math instruction to the next level! Enhance your IM® v.360 instructional materials with Kiddom's digital solution.

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The future of math: Illustrative Mathematics' K-12 curriculum + Kiddom's digital solution

  • Students can engage with problem-based math learning in both digital and print
  • Easily plan, edit, customize, and share assignments and lessons
  • Real-time progress monitoring and live, formative assessments
  • Data-rich dashboard to view proficiency, trends, and standards mastery