Bring literacy instruction to the next level with Unlock Phonics, powered by Kiddom

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Grounded in the Science of Reading and specifically designed to address the unique needs of students in grades 3–5, the Unlock Phonics curriculum is available with expanded functionality in Kiddom’s digital learning environment.

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Kiddom + EL Education's Unlock Phonics:  Meeting the unique needs of students in Grades 3-5

Giving every student access to essential reading skills through tailored support, interactive digital learning, and a focus on fluency. Key features include:

  • Research-Based Design: Grounded in the Science of Reading and informed by Dr. Linnea Ehri's Phases Theory, Unlock Phonics offers a scientifically validated approach to literacy education.

  • Culturally Responsive Content: Texts and teaching materials are culturally responsive, ensuring inclusivity and relevance for all learners.

  • Alignment with Standards: The curriculum aligns with College and Career Readiness Standards, ensuring students develop essential skills for success in academics and beyond.

  • Comprehensive Assessment: Benchmark assessments and ongoing progress monitoring enable teachers to track student growth and assign instruction to meet individual needs.

  • Digital Functionality in Kiddom: Easily create and manage flexible groups, assign targeted activities, facilitate student-led conferences with self-recording prompts, and access a comprehensive inventory of Sound Trackers for diverse student needs.

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